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#390 Bridging gaps in access to public health in tribal areas of India: Connecting science and community

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Bridging gaps in access to public health in tribal areas of India: Connecting science and community

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Scheduled Tribes (STs) or ‘Adivasis’ constitute 8.6% of India’s population numbering more than 104 million. Tribes are not a homogenous group. 705 ethnic groups are included in the list of STs, out of these 75 groups have been placed in the list of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs). These tribes often inhabit in hard to reach and remote locations near forests and mountains, thus posing a challenge for delivery of schemes and programs related to their overall development. Tribes are also disadvantaged in many ways be it socially, economically and even face disparity in the penetration of science and technology and delivery of public healthcare. At the same time, tribes have their unique culture and way of living which makes them the repository of traditional knowledge. They have deep rooted knowledge of ethnomedicine (constituting of medicinal plants, usage of minerals) and their traditional health system revolves around community healer who is often the first choice for community members when health need arises. The present paper focuses on experience of working on ethnomedicine in two PVTGs of India namely the Baiga and Saharia tribes in Madhya Pradesh, reflecting upon the gaps in delivery of public health services in these areas and also how the potential usage of science and technology could help overcome some of the barriers in bridging the gaps.

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Panel no. 58 - Coming of Age for the Traditional Medicine System of Indigenous Populations: Is Connecting the Unconnected the Way Forward?

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