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#389 Zenginkyo as a sacred space: centralization and decentralization of payment system

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Zenginkyo as a sacred space: centralization and decentralization of payment system

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Zenginkyo is the name of the organization, Japanese Bankers Association. The organizational culture of Zenginkyo is quite different from that of individual banks in spite of a banking industry group. The purpose of this study is to examine the difference by the approach of anthropology of administration. The point is to regard Zenginkyo as a sacred space. This idea offers the key to an understanding of the difference. Zenginkyo has occupied a monopoly position concerning every payment system plan in Japan, including the critical cross-cutting project like Cheque Truncation. Individual banks need to cooperate for the daily enormous fund transfers. They usually go head-to-head in the loan and deposit acquisition competition, but they chat and discuss gently at Zenginkyo, which brings them cool. Zenginkyo has kept a unique position, like an oasis in the desert. The replacement of the Zenginkyo’s chairman is the key to predict the next president among mega banks. The new chairman, the president of any mega bank, call a support team to carry out his mission in Zenginkyo. The leader or the second leader of the support team is likely to be next president of the mega bank by convention. Furthermore the replacement fo the leader brings festivities to the mega banks because of the scarcity that the assignment is held every 3 years: there are three mega banks in Japan. It’s as if Zenginkyo is directing the festivities.

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Panel no. 26 - Enterprise Anthropology: Recent Developments and Future Perspectives

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