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#381 Friendship in the times of pandemic: empathy, care and sharing among highly skilled migrant women in Norway

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Friendship in the times of pandemic: empathy, care and sharing among highly skilled migrant women in Norway

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The pandemic crisis created a context in which highly skilled migrant women coming from different countries like Poland, Syria, Iran, France, Latvia, and having different legal statuses, realised the importance of having friends in the local community, to cope with the restrictions imposed in the relation to pandemic. The situation of being physically stuck in one place, gave a possibility, for normally highly mobile individuals, to establish new relations in the local context. I explore social media-based initiative for international women, made by and for migrant women, which became a platform that enabled creating new relations that turned out to be important in the times of crisis. The affective time of pandemic (Bryant&Knight 2019) triggered the willingness to explore the city, do hiking tours, cook for each other special food, give each other support in everyday life, travel together during holidays. Imagination that these activities involved, was supporting women in adjusting affectively to the liminal circumstances of crisis (Zittoun & Gillespie 2016). This temporalities and friendship that highly skilled migrant women built beyond differences, gave them emotional support, care, possibilities to survive difficult times, imagining better future. ‘Pandemic as a portal’, using words of Arundhati Roy (2020), brought the potentiality of experiencing local belonging and social ties in novel way.

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Panel no. 71 - Encounters Across Difference: Moving Beyond Dark Anthropology

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