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#375 Trimmigrants as new migrant labor: the case of cannabis industry in California, EU

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Trimmigrants as new migrant labor: the case of cannabis industry in California, EU

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This work it is a firts effort to characterize this migrant labor as a new type of subjetc like one that global, border cruiser, north- north migrant labor. Since aproximatly 70 decade the marijuana industry in North-California were been growing as a result of the 60 “back to the landers” movement. However, aproximatly in the 90 decade in the emerald triangle (Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties) start to arrive and increasing flow of people to work in this industry. Now days people from all the continents is coming to this small region to work in MJ industry. In this frame, also the arrive to USA, as the mobilitie around the world implies complex strategies on the part of the subjetcs. It is also dificult for the trimmers to move his season earnings wich offenly were in cash. Since internationally the average transfer amount is 10 thousand dollars and the earnings of these subjects per season usually exceed this amount, crossing national borders with these amounts becomes an obstacle. Added to this issue is the vulnerability that these subjects face it directly related to the illegal nature of their work. Being that on several occasions the farmers do not pay them for their work, they exploit them in excess, they owe part of their salary, there are even stories about disappearances and / or abuses inside the farms.

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Panel no. 04 – Miscellaneous

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The proposal discusses social networks built by trimmigrants, but it does not point at the difference, which these networks are to overcome. Since encounters across difference are the core of the panel, the proposal – unfortunately – does not fit the panel’s scope, although it definitely refers to a very interesting fieldwork.