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#368 Nightwork Anarchism: How their peer relationship helped themselves

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Nightwork Anarchism: How their peer relationship helped themselves

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Based on more than a year of fieldwork at a small suburban club, this paper highlights their forms of sociality in the clubs with colleagues that also helped them cope with the broad impact of COVID-19. While former studies have analyzed how hostesses work as competitors, this paper considers how neoliberalism has paradoxically increased collaborative aspects of their work. In Club S, a hostess M who is approaching her 40s has built an equal relationship with the current owner who has been working as an employee for 20 years. He works hard to bring in new customers and keep them visiting regularly so that hostesses do not have to spend a whole day getting in touch with the clients as the hostesses at other clubs do. Senior hostesses have kicked out the former ‘mama,’ a female manager who is indispensable at other clubs; to their eye she did not respect their way of working. Senior hostesses also keep sisterhood bonds with younger hostesses and avoid workplace hierarchy. Thus, although the owner wanted to continue the conventional business operation under the pandemic, the hostesses maintained their power networks and insisted on the new rules of keeping a distance and using a face covering. On the other hand, another hostess finally decided to quit and started to work as a temp while others work during daytime hours. It is an important means to avoid the risk of infection and to assure safety for their lives.

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Panel no. 49 - Ethnographies of Neoliberalism: Hope or Pessimism?

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