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#361 Harming by Interviewing. Methodological and Ethical Dilemmas of In-deep Interviews 

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Harming by Interviewing. Methodological and Ethical Dilemmas of In-deep Interviews 

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The need to expand the knowledge on the people who experienced deportation or are often being in constant threat of deportation, provokes two different undesirable effects: 1) unintentional exposure to the exploitation of the interviewees; 2) damaging of research practices. E.g: in-deep interviews with victims of violence, long term confinement and other forms of abuse, in the situation of high legal and existential uncertainty, caused the mental strain and stress, which is a harmful practice. Finally, the needs for securing the interviewees' situation and increasing the possibility of getting permission to stay, influence the quality of collected data (false or partial information).  In this article we want to explore the methodological and ethical dilemmas that unfolds while carrying out in-depth or biographical interviews with persons who are in constant danger of being deported or have already experienced deportation. We argue that researchers by making them relive their traumatic experiences and thus loading them with often extreme emotional and psychological weight, can harm the interviewee. We urge to rethink the research methods used to obtain information from people in exile- requesting their permission to live in Europe. Furthermore, we emphasize the need for a better academic preparation to work among vulnerable groups.

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Panel no. 108 - Refuge Refugees and Forced Migration

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