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#359 Why so serious? How anthropology can bring pleasure back to class?

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Why so serious? How anthropology can bring pleasure back to class?

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Our experiences as former high school teachers and, currently, university ones, suggest that, in Brazil, the school has not been able to mobilize students' subjectivities for learning. Youngsters are still going to school, for several reasons, but knowledge itself does not seem to be one of them. The impression is that with each passing year, the people that come to us as students seem to be enthusiastic about all aspects of school life, except for the classes themselves. What would anthropology have to teach us about what seems to be a kind of boredom that hangs over school education and accentuates the many educational crises of our time? More than the ethnographic diagnosis of the obsolescence of a machinery that has been losing a significant part of the social trust that gave it status and credibility over the last century, we seek to reflect in this communication on the possibilities of imagining an anthropology that is pedagogically oriented to bring pleasure to classrooms. We go over some of our experiences with teaching anthropology in teacher training courses in Brazil to argue in favor of the potential role that anthropology as pedagogy can play in the development of sensitivities, engagements, creativity and attention that contribute to the appearance of other meanings and skills in school spaces. Therefore, it is essential to invert the modern relationship between school and student: instead of the institution forming the youngsters, to propose that the new generations translate and practice the school in their own terms.

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Panel no. 54 - What Can Anthropology Offer and What Can It Receive from the New Generations? How to Set up a Bottom-Up Teaching and a Bidirectional Relationship

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