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#351 New Methods of Learning: Connecting Students and Educators Through Technology

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New Methods of Learning: Connecting Students and Educators Through Technology

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Learning from a professor while sitting in a classroom provides one format for acquiring knowledge. Technology expands not only what is learned but more importantly from whom students may learn. Connecting learners through technology will allow for the expansion of cross cultural learning in ways the classroom setting simply does not provide. Anthropology is the perfect field to help connect learners and teachers from around the world. Anthropology also provides a base from which to help build connections to bridge learners from different cultural contexts. There are a wide variety of ways to connect students and teachers to create mutually beneficial learning experiences. The current pandemic is forcing education to shift and expand how learning takes place. It is also showing the inequity in access to both learning and the technology needed to continue learning. How might anthropologists use the current disruption to build on what and how learning takes place? One example is the program Skype currently offers, Skype a Scientist. This program gives students and teachers the opportunity to speak directly with scientist in the classroom or even home. A program such as this could easily develop a section of anthropologists from all four field to offer their knowledge across the globe. It is time to shift the learning model from the traditional set time of the school day to a format that allows for students to learn from each other no matter where the student lives in the world.

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Panel no. 41 - Technology: Teaching and Learning Anthropology Around the World

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