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#327 Teaching ANTH 101 beyond walls, borders, and ideologies: The past and future of

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Teaching ANTH 101 beyond walls, borders, and ideologies: The past and future of

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Five years ago Ryan Klataske and I set out to create a free and open resource for teaching anthropology, The site includes a full online textbook, original videos, podcasts, innovative “challenge” assignments, and curated digital materials - providing a free alternative to expensive Introduction to Cultural Anthropology texts. The challenges of creating this resource reflect the broader challenges of anthropology as a discipline: what is the “right” story of humanity? How should we frame, represent, and discuss cultures? How do we represent unsettled high-stakes cultural debates around race, gender, poverty, and oppression? And how do we frame politically divisive and pressing global issues? Such questions have to be carefully considered and debated with every word of the textbook, every link curated, and every assignment created. And deciding what is “right” on each issue is not enough, for then the really hard work begins of crafting a narrative that is convincing and compelling enough to engage, educate, and perhaps even transform a student audience that is now immersed in a dazzling, distracting, and divisive mediated world. With the site now used by over 200 faculty, thousands of students, and over two million viewers on YouTube, the material has been exposed to a wide range of different political and cultural viewpoints that we did not consider in our original vision. In this presentation, I will discuss our future plans which will attempt to transcend borders and ideologies in much the same way that anthropology as a discipline must also transform.

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Panel no. 41 - Technology: Teaching and Learning Anthropology Around the World

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