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IUAES2020 virtual congress will take place on this website. To enter, you will be asked for your username and password. All panel convenors (not co-convenors) already have an account that they used for abstract evaluation. All others received the login information via email. After logging in, you will be led to the Congress area where you can see the conference halls, ethnographic films, posters and a small e-caffe where you can interact with other participants. Once the Congress starts, you will be able to follow the lectures you are interested in through ZOOM platform. We highly recommend you download and install the newest version of ZOOM on your computer/laptop/mobile/tablet and create an account, if you do not already have one.


ONLY REGISTERED  PARTICIPANTS (paid registration fee and IUAES membership) WILL RECEIVE ACCESS TO CONGRESS (online registration form). Those who have paid the IUAES membership fee to participate in the IUAES2020 Congress will not have to make this payment to register for the IUAES2021 Congress Yucatan.






Presenters can present live or with a pre-recorded presentation. Those who did not send their pre-recorded presentations by 12 February 2021, are considered participating live. If you are participating live, please make sure that you show on time, stick to the schedule and have a good Internet connection.

Oral presentations

If you are participating with pre-recorded presentation, please send your presentation in .mp4 format or send a link where your presentation can be downloaded. If you are planning to have a Power point presentation, the easiest way is to record your presentation using the built-in recording feature in Power Point with the sound of you presenting. Then simply save it as VIDEO and send it to us. This is only our recommendation and you can, of course, use other ways to record your presentation. The duration of your presentation must not exceed 15 minutes. Please note that the discussion at the end of each session will be in real time, interactive format.

Poster presentations

If you are having a poster presentation, please send one page of your poster presentation in .pdf format. Please make sure that the font size is minimally 12. In addition to your .pdf poster, optionally, you can also send us a short presentation (see above), but its duration must not exceed 5 minutes.

Film presentations

If you are having a film in the Congress, please post it in on YouTube and send us the link.



IUAES2020 Congress Local Organizing Committee

Institute for Anthropological Research (CROATIA)


Dear colleagues,

It is an honour and gives me enormous pleasure to invite you to the IUAES2020 Congress “Coming of Age on Earth: Legacies and Next Generation Anthropolgy“ in Šibenik, Croatia!

I would like to start with the famous line “Stalna na tom svijetu samo mijena jest” or „The only constant in this world is change”, as cried muezzin from the homonymus poem written by Petar Preradović, back in 1871.

I refer to this famous Croatian poem, since it relates to the change, the only universally constant human and environmental condition. Therefore the theme of this conference will be related to change that we as humanity, we as scientific discipline, even we as association are going through. Coming of age will, hopefully, provide platform for anthropologists, but not only them, to discuss and contemplate the change that we usually do “for the sake of future generations” or “for the better future“. Communities and individuals have different ideas about paths forward, reframing who these future generations may be, what they might value, and which are the most desirable means to work towards designated goals.

This Congress invites us all to scrutinize this era of anticipated extreme change for its implications on stasis, tradition and consistency. Anthropology is uniquely positioned to study the legacies that shape and are being shaped by the next generations.

This Congress invites panels and contributions from all four fields of anthropology that will be inspired to contextualize their research and ideas with regard to the questions raised by the perspective of Coming of Age on Earth.

On behalf of the Scientific and Organizing Committees I wish you a very warm welcome to Šibenik in 2021!

Saša Missoni, PhD

Chair of the IUAES2020 Congress Šibenik
Director of the Institute for Anthropological Research, Zagreb

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